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This young and brilliant musician from Abkhazia Lika Gadeliya immediately attracted the audience attention due to his mastery and emotionality.
Official web site of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation

Luka Gadeliya is a representative of the new generation of organ players of the Russian organ performing school. He possesses a unique performing approach and very insightful style distinguished by psychological and emotional glow leaving lasting impressions on the audience. His masterly playing reveals a wide range of colorful capabilities the "king of the musical instruments" possesses.
Official web site "Cultural Seasons: Russia- Abkhazia"

We are very excited to be witnessing Luka Gadeliya's startling and incredible mastery and possession of the instrument. Let alone his pianistic mobility of fingers, his skills and talents are immensely various and are distinguished by an outstanding pianistic mastery and artistry, musical interestingness and novelty. He is also a master of transcription. His ability to keep and show a very specific texture and rhythmic patterns in most complicated pieces makes the audience feel absolutely enraptured. Taking into account some kind of heaviness of the organ as a musical instrument it becomes obvious that it takes a great talent and virtuosity to transmit and translate the finest gracefulness of the airy pieces Luka Gadeliya performs. This is the top class which is hardly attainable to the majority of musicians.
Ksenia Zinoviev – pianist, Lauriat of the "Triumph" award for young performers, daughter of a famous Russian writer and thinker Alexander Zinoviev

One can sense both the spirit of novelty and consistency with traditional canons established by the school of organ plying art in the interpretations presented Luka Gadeliya. Reinforced by the highest technical skills the talent of this young master can be justly distinguished by the endless world of organ music.
Elena Vereshagina, musical critic, "Belcanto.Ru"



Luka Gadeliya – is a cultural brand of the Republic of Abkhazia. He is a young and talented musician, Lauriat of a number of international contests. He works as an organ player at the legendary Pitsunda Cathedral erected in the 10th century in honor of the St. Andrew the Apostle.


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